Motorcycle Safety



There are actions that a motorcyclist can take when they have the knowledge of what they can do to prevent accidents and injuries.

Understanding Your Police Report

Following the vast majority of accidents, a police officer will respond to the scene, conduct an investigation, and prepare an accident report.  This report becomes the starting point for any subsequent investigation by our law firm.  The accident report will identify the people involved in the accident, the time the accident occurred, weather conditions, the officer’s opinion as to what happened, whether any tickets were issued, insurance information, and written statements from witnesses.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand police reports. It is important to know what the police have reported about your accident.

Police reports are not always accurate -- if there is anything in a police report that doesn’t reflect the reality of a California motorcycle accident, we can challenge the report and prove it is wrong. You have the right to submit a written rebuttal to the police report, to ask for a further review, and to have your account be made part of the official record.